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Friday, 26 January 2018



Mandela’s Been Dead
Mandela died in July
And all the country cried for his body,
Outside the hospital 
Not knowing he was dead.

Ever elegant you
escaped your body in front of our eyes.
Black Pimpernel,

They searched for you in 1962
At train stations and bus terminals.
From your mansion in Rivonia 
To your little home in Orlando. 
It was better before they knew where you were.

When they found you
they stole your whole middle age.
When they gave you back
We stole your old.

Today your grandsons are going crazy
And everyone wants a piece of the cake
wants a piece of your face,
I feel for your name.
They have been borrowing it 
to every newspaper with ink.

No wonder you ditched your body
At the feet of that bleeping machine.
While the party debates the date to tell us
And your family fumbles
To accommodate the frenzy 
Of what your funeral will look like.

I imagine you are watching the show,
You, in the crowd for a change.
Watching us perform vigils at your corpse.
Don’t worry,
Let Zuma do his dance for the cameras
They will bury you in shoes that he could never fill.

Now that you are alone for a while
Unbutton that collar, 
sigh, Madiba,
Weep, tata.
The ancestors will not blame you.
Confide in them openly about the mistakes you made. 
And laugh at how funny it is 
That you can finally be human now.
They will not judge you.
They have already borne witness to Freedom, the play.

You, lion
Mouthful for the praise poet!
They have not told us that you are gone.
And I thank them for their quiet. 
The only way you could rest in peace 
Is if we did not know about it.


Monday, 15 January 2018


Watch your tongue when your irate heart goes agog
Watch it when your eyes see a SECRETing bug
Watch it when you sip drugs and grog
Is it not the dialogue that dictates the epilogue?
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right.
I have a new spelling for the word ‘white’
It is WYT
The best thing you can do with your tongue is to use your tongue to count your teeth after listening to this piece
Wash your tongue
Brush your teeth
Keep brushing
Wash it
The tongue is an ocean
It can literally drown a nation
The tongue is a knife
Always willing to cut lives
and break hearts
The tongue is a perforated basket with leaky jaws and a weird wide mouth
Always willing to swallow solid secrets
At the expense of disposing it through her bottomless holes
Because she can never hold one bit of a secret
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right.
Watch the words your tongue lays so you don’t slay the next one by what you say any way
Anyway pray that you may not be dismayed
When you awake to see that your tongue has been detached from your mouth the next day
As a result of what you said the previous day
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right
Each day you awake, wash your tongue
Because the tongue is filled with dirty words, deadly chemicals and mundane phrases no praises
The tongue is a chameleon it can bless and curse
Save and slay
Make and dismay
It can hire and fire
Impress and oppress
Heal and kill
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right.
Wash your tongue cause whatever boils out of your breath Evaporates into the atmosphere
And the only time you can catch it back is when you try to catch your breath at death
But don’t swallow it
Because if you try to swallow your words in a gulp rush,
They will choke your throat and swell your belly after all
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right.
The tongue is too simple but complex in nature
That is why she is being manipulated to do too much chores
Hence she becomes tumultuous
Well, the tongue is not entirely dry though
If well-bred,
she reverberates the breath of God.
She buys miracle from the divine oracle
She is holy and she’s a holy weapon
A tool for spoken word
My tongue is my tooth pick
I use my tongue to prick my teeth
My tongue is my chewing stick
I use my tongue to count my teeth
So wash your tongue else nothing will be left of what is right.

Editor's Note:
Dima Chima is a young spoken word poet based in Lagos-Nigeria. As shown in the video above, he performed this particular piece at #WarOfWords; one of Nigeria's biggest poetry slam competition.

Monday, 8 January 2018



I was that bastard
The product of a one-corner dance,
whose vagabond lips stained mucus from forgotten dreams,
whose stubborn feet slap a street of blood-hungry men.

I was in that womb when bombs broke like a water pot
Laboured breathe dragged like a pipe on shisha pot
Mother's eyes became broken sunglasses
Too shocked to remain in their sockets!

I was born by  a woman
who became a talking drum that couldn't utter a word;
a woman whose hymen died in the hands of high men,
high men who care less of diamond, silver or gold.
Men who only dream to keep themselves awake
behind sleeper cells to plan bloody raids.

I was that bastard whose mother's thighs fell fighting;
fighting third legs forcing toes into her (w)hole,
mobilizing warship to desecrate her temple.

I was that bastard!


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017



To win the prestigious FIFA World Cup and Best Player Award, CR7 had to conquer the world, and to win the WarOfWords, you need to beat words so well that you beat the world words' best. Here, SoundOfSages (SOS) defending poetry slam champion, Njoku Paul Chibuike Henry "Fr33zinPaul" kept hope alive with his trademark #KeepHopeAlive masterpiece, bagging the 2nd Runner-Up space at the semi-finals of one of Nigeria's most prestigious poetry slam competition, the #WarOfWords6, heading straight to the grand finale, slated for Saturday, 16th December, 2017.

To further poke what we stand for at SOS - 'educate, entertain and chastise', we bring you Fr33zinPaul's performance at the last round of the said semi finals...You can motivate that person losing hope next to you by simply playing the audio of this poem, downloading free from ..

We hope this saves that blind soul, seeing only  from the angle of depression.

Keep hope alive!

Monday, 6 November 2017

IBK is a god!

Spoken word poetry is gradually becoming household in the home of Nigerian entertainment industry, very educating, inspiring and entertaining.

Here DeMasquerMedia decides to shoot Ibukun Ajagbe (IBK)'s first ever spoken word video, "WHO HE REALLY IS" having found her GCGT wining performance published on SoundOfSages (SOS) facebook page (

 We bring you a preview copy of IBK's WHO HE REALLY IS...


In this Godly relationship 
He doesn't just test you like a test tube with no use
He doesn't twist words like a tongue twister but tutors you without confusing you so don't just test the technique of my tenses 
Better yet tap into the testament of my testimony without tapping out from the tent of the Almighty 
He is the Alpha that takes us far
The Mighty God in battle who does not wrestle but settles 
He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He can never be bribed like Judas 
Even at the sight of the state of the economy he can never betray use for pieces of silver like Judas Iscariot
He is the King who forgives and told us to forgive 70 x 7 times that even when the dock crowed twice and Peter denied Jesus thrice. He didn't revenge despite
He is a God of commitment
He won't come to you with signs of retreat or run his way away like sonic cause he would fit perfectly in your heart without being claustrophobic 
And he would fix your brokenness like an orthopedics

Don't just search for him in Lagos when He is wider than the expanse of Eti-Osa
Stop seeking for a sign of lightening when He is not the god of Sango neither does He reside in Oyo 
He is not a surgeon but touches every part of our sick bones as our saviour for his spirit to swim and sink deep for an atmosphere to sit in 
Now let's watch as he purposely plucks out pain piercing out skin to its peak giving us a place of peace to heal

There is no healing without God's touch so romantic it soothes my heart
He is a God of free and fair and doesn't judge you based on what you wear, right jeans, ripped jeans but a trace of his genes when he created US right from genesis
He is the Prince of peace who has made us his masterpiece 
I is the eternal rock of ages who does not age nor change
He is the lile of the valley who gives blessing to the belly
He is a God who doesn't work with time yet he never delays like Nigerian time
He is a God of oxygen who exhaled so I can inhale the breath of the maker because U is the way maker. Romantic lover, compassionate father out contender
He is a lot of things that my head cannot comprehend
HE is not a shooter without aim but arrests the enemy without nail
HE is the trinity, the three in 1 unity. The father the son and the Holy Spirit

Our superhero unit who saves us from all out enemy so we could live for eternity without a penalty
We need to embrace his sovereignty 
We shouldn't stand still when he hasn't made us a mannequin
Let's boast in His glory cause he has given us a perfect story 
Our History is now a direct opposite of His Story
So if you ever feel worried terrified horrified depressed rejected confused scared and doubt his goodness
He needs you to remember that He is the I am that i am
And I am has sent me to tell you 
It is okay 
'Cos he is God.

Editor's Note
Ibukun Ajagbe(IBK) is a 17-year old spoken word poet residing in the suburbs of Lagos-Island, Nigeria. She was the winner of WarOfWords Season 5 Slam Poetry Competition (2015), competing against some of Nigeria's best spoken word poets like Bankole Kolawole (BankHALL), James Ademuyiwa (JamesConco), Adetimehin Inioluwa Victor Vic'Adex Wome Uyeye, Lawal Kafayat Gold and many other word beaters time and space won't permit mentioning. She (IBK) came 2nd Runner-Up at God's Children Great Talent (GCGT) TV Reality Talent Show; performing poetry amongst many other contestants with diverse talents. Her journey into spoken word started around 2014 when she won Onkowe TalkTheWord Poetry Slam competition alongside Adeola Adegoke.
She is a Christian who loves words, believing God created the world with His Word and with His Word, she can change the world.

Watch this space for IBK's next spoken word video!

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, 27 October 2017


*DAY 3*

Truth is that which is unaffected by time. Something which remains constant and unchanging through the three phases of time (past, present and future) is what is truth.
- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
I purposely opened this new garland with that indomitable quotation, as this writeup would go a long way in revealing some secrets that were covered up in the dark ages. Truth however is like a flame that cannot be covered, sooner or later, it will rise up for all to see. It's not expected that every one will believe this story as I never intended writing it this sooner but popular demands made me to. Another man's truth is another man's fallacy and truth is never complete. But truth is truth.
It's on this note that I hasten back to the days of Shakespeare. As this might upset intellectuals, I believe we know Shakespeare was an illiterate man from Stratford, England and could barely write his own name. As a matter of fact, he was seldomly never consistent in spelling his name when giving signature.
Amelia Bassano was born in 1569. She became a mistress to the fifty six year old Lord Hunsdon, Henry VIII's reputed son by Mary Boleyn. Having lived with him for a decade, Amelia had the opportunity to be in the court and was connected to the theatre also. It must be noted that she was a writer (the first black woman to publish poetry at the age of forty two under her own name as at that time). She was however exiled from the court when she became pregnant due to the fact that she was a "dark lady". The dark lady as she was tagged published a book of genuine poetry, with the use of linguistic features that had a striking resemblance with the later Shakespearean plays. She died in penury in 1645.
An issue with William Shakespeare was that he was way too young. A case study of Hamlet proves that the pah was a masterpiece, in which the construction and experimentalism employed in it was topnotch. It's not an early work. The play found its way into the print edition by Thomas Lodge and Thomas Nashe by 1589, hence it was likely to be written in 1588. William Shakespeare was twenty four years old by then and no statement with substance proved his residency in London for four years. How then did the book make its boom then ?
It's funny to know that a play titled " Ur Hamlet" by Thomas Kyd was staged in London ten years before the publication of Hamlet. Shakespeare must be fourteen years as at that period. Isn't something fishy ?
Now, let's get deeper. William Shakespeare was born in 1564. Amelia Bassano Lanier was born in 1569 (which makes her nineteen as of 1588). This doesn't totally implies that she has nothing to do with Shakespeare. Her family was a breed of musicians, so there's a high possibility she could have composed lyrics to the songs that featured so heavily in the plays. A flashback into Merchant of Venice and Othello would show that her name was encoded into the plays (an argument by Hudson).
In Jonson's preface to the First Folio of which Will Shakespeare was referred to as "Sweet Swan of Avon", Amelia's picture was denoted with the swan image (defining a poet). This could interestingly state that Amelia Bassano was a concealed poet who didn't publish until 1611. Her book was titled "Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum".
The group theory however is not totally invalid. Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus was of lower quality than other works, it was never revised or published in an authorised edition. That seems strange, right ? The dark lady is likened to be the author and it was mis-attributed to Shakespeare. It's quite inviting that Shakespeare's characters and themes ranged from lovers of different ethnicities ( Romeo and Juliet, the rich Black man, the moor in Venice - Othello). How much knowledge did a white illiterate boy had about the black tendencies and happening in the court when Amelia was born into a family of Moors called Venetian Jews who were court musicians to Queen Elizabeth I ?
Amelia's book draws a large circle round feminism, Tudor history, mind blowing documentary that shows this lass in the right places with the right knowledge, skills and contacts to have produced the canonized Shakespearean style ?
Shakespeare is not as intelligent as it was taught but he was given credits because he wrote most revisions of King James version of the Bible.
Below is another proof that Shakespeare had a plagiarist tendency.
Originally translated by Giovanni Boccaccio circa 1335AD; later plagiarised by Shakespeare.
Culled from The Great Book Of Kizzmazz Volume III
“The Book Of Kandake”
The Princess Kandake opens her soul - Barukh Salaam listens in silence:
I met men
Many men
They were trying to be you
They had your eyes
Your hands
A fraction of your humour
Men who pretended to be as courageous as you
Men who pretended to have your wit
Men who tried to convince me they could have the power
The Power that you have over me
If I only I could just be smaller
Men who exclaimed my lack of pleasure was my issue
That I did not understand intimacy
I've met lots of your shadows
I've tried to love men
They had little pieces of what I knew I needed
I filled in the rest with my imagination
I tried to love them
I knew what I would love
They had little corners of it
I am so sad
I wish I had said no
I now realise that not enough is less than nothing
What I needed was you
I was looking for you...
Some days, I will write about William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and Romeo and Juliet. On a conclusive note with the saying of an anonymous English professor :
"The best writers are the best thieves. Shakespeare stole his plots from the Greek and Roman plays."
Tom Lehrer also said :
"Let no one else's work evade your eyes"
It would be cognizant to know that the White version of African history is consciously arranged in such a way that it tells only that of the Arabs and Europeans in Africa and not the genuine story of Africans. 4000 years back which recorded Black civilization (the largest period of African achievements) was eliminated in the retelling of their first period. The second period is picked up from the Arabs and Berbers in Africa, the third period is on European civilization and all are constructed under the umbrella of African history. A conscious focus on these stories would tell that Africans are of no early past and have vain contributions to the world at largesse. History is not widely taught in the curriculum of black students but it's more intentional than predicted. The myths of white superiority has been so much instilled into the black minds that we doubt the existence of Amelia Bassano, in the first stance.
Hence, plagiarism is not new. Even Shakespeare was a fraud.
"What has been is what will be and what has been done is what will be done and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, " See, this is new" ? It has already been in the ages before us".

©Yusuf Balogun Gemini.Convener, War Against Plagiarism.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Here is a masterpiece written by the very articulate poetess. So embellished with rib-cracking puns, rhymes and rhetorics.... This poem is so good that it can so dance well on stage and as well bust brains on page.

What Is Left Of What Is Right? 

Where is Nigeria’s true reflection?
I ask a million Naira question
What is left in the jar of what is right?

Why is the right now considered left?
Now, this is  no NEWS, so I laugh in present tense
The future before us is sugar-coated in wailing pretence
Begging to be free from this societal wackiness
Everyone has a part to play in this blindness.

Our states are littered with guber-criminals
The show of absurdity follows in their scaffolds
You were catapulted into the highest office to rid off corrupt-cancer
But, you traumatized us with your reckless plunder
Your offices are exalted
Misfits, miscreants elected
Causing havoc with stark dishonesty
Your die-hard pessimism is an OX-ye-MORON apparently.

Then, i breathe above the head of a tired democracy
When potbellies and agbadas prefer kleptocracy
You flag off Partocracy; where the part is larger than the whole
Your finger points the vault into a deep pocket hole
Your consciences need scrutinizing
You are constantly a bowler, your hands need sanitizing.

Our educational system shook hands with the leprous
Our teachers glorified illiterates, very erroneous
How then can our children survive this strait-jacket?
They are no violent patients to be stuffed into a confined casket
The VCs clink their glasses behind closed doors
They have joined in the act of (P)eople (D)eceiving (P)eople it harbors.

What is left of what is right

At forty one years old
The NYSC is still not bold
That mind-boggling scheme wears a mask
Rending hearts for the sake of servitude task
Our graduates, now glorified slaves, figures of disguised unemployment
Our freshly graduated aunties and uncles make the list longer
They steal with their exempted age, enjoying every bit the drama
The government may no longer pay allowance for THIS(dis)agreement.

ASUU Strike, DOCTORS strike, NASU strike
The entire sector want their fair share of the hike
This is the way of life for selfish conflict
Give us this, sign on that agreement
Can NEPA-PHCN join in this strike action?
Don’t they always go on per second ration?
No one cares again if they hold power till rapture takes place
Once again, I laugh in past-present-continuous tense.

Nigerians, stop this theatre of the absurd
For the good of generations yet unborn
Where is the limit of our good luck nation?
Should we pretend while the center caves in?
The villa rocks are murmuring
Our sins constantly screaming
The flames of normalcy, depleting
We need to bite the lips that’s lying
Let our candle of hope burn in our minds
Let our pens and voices prove mightier than bombs
For us to do what is right.

'Agbada' is an African dress, usually beautified with embroidery work, worn on 'buba' (men's blouse)
NASU - is an acronym for Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities 

ASUU - Academic Staff Union of Universities
NEPA - National Electric Power Authority (now, PHCN)
PHCN - Power Holding Company of Nigeria
NYSC - National Youth Service Corps